Stay safe with SideQuest

Piracy has many disadvantages, it puts users at risk with a high lightlyhood of malware/virus infections.

At SideQuest we are commited to keeping our users safe from malicious content, we also appreciate the damage that piracy can do to the still growing VR industry. What's different about the VR industry is that it's propped up by indie game studios and one man band developers not like console or PC gaming where billions of dollars have been made on AAA titles. When piracy negatively affects sales then these developers loose interest and stop developing. If this keep happening then the industry as a whole will not survive without the potential for a return on the huge investment of these indie developers.

What is this and what does it do?

This is a simple file scanner that will scan the file you submit and store it in our database. Only submit an APK file if you believe it is pirated, cracked or malicious - do not submit legitimate APK files. It scans the file inside your browser and does not upload to our servers. All that we store is whats called a hash which is a short string of characters like this - 2f90fe3b9b84cbb9727c053e0191d3ee. We can then use this to identify malicious content in the SideQuest app and protect users before it gets near their headset. This page is completely anonymous and will not store any identifiable information, and we appreciate you taking the time to do your part for VR and its users. Feel free to review the source code for this service here.